The Not So ‘Arty-Farty’ Creative Industries

Posted on July 08 2018



Fashion, drama, art, music, TV, and publishing are all creative industries, they all make a valuable contribution to the economy, and provide jobs. But this sector is one that is often not taken seriously enough – it’s labelled fluffy, airy-fairy and arty-farty. In education, the arts are often considered a ‘easy’ option. It was no surprise that a recent survey found that more than a third of schools have made cuts to arts education in the past five years.But what had our MD Debbie springing out of bed in outrage this week was Radio 4’s Today program presenter, John Humphrys’ observing: “Sciences are going to get you a job, doing art is probably not going to get you a job.” As for an article from the Americans for the Arts organization, they had stats to prove John Humphry otherwise.


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